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Create Your Own AI Chatbot And Train It With YOUR Knowledge

Engage your audience with fluid and accurate conversations

Create your own Custom Chatbot in a few minutes!

In today’s fast-paced world, organizations need to rapidly find and implement solutions to their needs, be it to launch new commercial or growth initiatives or to improve and increase support and assistance services. We are introducing CubeBot Pro to assist your business to grow better, farther, faster.

CubeBot Pro is a paid online service for building your own personalized chatbot that will answer questions relating exclusively to the proprietary knowledge base provided to the chatbot itself. CubeBot Pro is designed for professional use, specifically for professionals and businesses.

The process of creating the chatbot is autonomous, and within a few minutes, you can easily add your own business content.

Stay top of the competition by using CubeBot Pro!

CubeBot Pro vs. GPTs (custom versions of ChatGPT): We are different

  • CubeBot Pro is a professional service, not only a chatbot, and we can manage all your requirements, from customizations to integrations, with dedicated support. We see the chatbot only as a tool to serve your AI needs.
  • We can support you in any step you require. You don’t need another entity to work with because we have the technology and provide the service.
  • We use Open AI models and other LLM models, depending on the scope of the project.

How does CubeBot Pro work?


How can CubeBot Pro be used in your business?

There are many ways to use your chatbot:

Through web interface

Users can interact with your proprietary information through CubeBot Pro directly from its dedicated web interface

Embedding into your website

It takes just a few minutes to add a chat widget and have CubeBot Pro ready for use.

Through the APIs

Your chatbot can be called and used by any external application simply using the token and the credits assigned to it!

Through WhatsApp

The integration of custom GPTs with WhatsApp is a significant step further in business automation, and it provides a sophisticated approach to enhancing customer service and operational efficiency.

CubeBot Pro offers many features!

Personalized experience

Our AI-driven responds only based on the user's domain or business, ensuring a personalized and context-aware experience for the end users and clients.

Swift and precise response

Our AI chatbot provides a swift, hallucination-free and precise response to queries. This in turn supports brand integrity and businesses’ reputations.

Easy set-up

Documents are easily uploaded to train the bot according to your specific set of requirements. There is no need for any technical or specialized help for these processes. Easily said, easily done!

Set Up your ChatBot Pro

You can use live chat or embed widgets to deploy your custom bot on a website or application. You can use live chat or embed widgets to deploy your custom bot on a website or application, thanks to our API integration.


Based on your business requirements or future plans, we allow customization options.

Data Storage

We store all your data securely in the cloud. We also secure all the chat history and user details stored in the databases.

Personalized dashboard

We offer a personalized dashboard for users to manage their documents and handle their client chats.

Analytics and reports

CubeBot Pro admin users can see the analytics and reports based on their customers’ chat and questions on this platform.

White labelling supported

We allow enterprise users to white-label the chatbot service and use their own branding.

Advanced AI models

To provide a better experience and accurate responses, we implement an advanced approach using multiple LLMs, including Chat GPT.

Data Security

To ensure the security of your data, all the documents are stored with strict security procedures in Microsoft Azure, located in a worldwide jurisdiction of your choice.

Benefits of using CubeBot Pro

Enhanced User Experience

Our custom chatbot offers an enhanced user experience to any organization by providing a rapidly deployable, scalable, and convenient solution, based on the organization's business content.

Competitive advantage

In our AI-driven chatbot, we use the best technologies to provide fluid, prompt and accurate responses and conversations. This will provide a competitive edge in today’s rapidly developing business environment.

Cost Efficiency

Our AI chatbot allows you to upload your documents to use your proprietary knowledge to respond to user queries. This minimizes the need for human intervention, and can contain operational costs.

Data Collection and Analysis

CubeBot Pro saves all the customer conversations, queries, feedback, etc. This will help you to gather insights to enhance products, services, or customer support processes.

Are you ready to explore the potential of our custom AI chatbot?

Use Cases

Let’s see some of the ways you can use our chatbot

Customer Engagement

The company wishes to automate the request for information regarding its goods and services.
The company builds a chatbot called "Company Q&A" and feeds it the content of its product catalogs and website. It will insert the chatbot into the company’s website, where it will be able to answer any questions based on the provided documents (knowledge base).
Improved satisfaction from end users leads to better service and conversion ratios, and can save on further expansion costs on the information call center.

Internal Communication

The company wishes to provide its employees with a tool for easier access to the information present in a multitude of internal documents to produce periodic reports, carry out analyses, and carry out ad hoc searches.
The company builds a "Company Docs" chatbot and feeds it the documents as input. The chatbot will be accessible for all its employees in one of the available modes.
By using the chatbot, the company’s workforce can improve the use of operational time otherwise lost to document and data retrieval, and expedite project launch, time to market, etc.

Customer Support

The company wishes to provide its customers with an online Help Center for the use of its products and services
The company builds a chatbot called "Product X Helper" containing all instruction manuals and documentation. The chatbot will then be able to answer any question pertinent to the knowledge base (instruction manual, FAQs, etc). This can also be integrated into the same products/services via API or by inserting the chatbot into the same software application.
Thanks to its generative AI properties, the chatbot autonomously helps users with queries related to the use of its products and services, and can redirect to the human support team if necessary.

Our Customization Services

We allow a wide range of customization options, depending on your business case.

The Finva Tech team will evaluate any request for customizations from your end on a case-by-case basis and promptly answer with a detailed solution proposal.  After signing off the contract, customers can then obtain the agreed services and customizations, such as

  • creation of ad hoc interfaces with internal IT systems;
  • fine-tuning of the LLM models;
  • creation of new API functionalities.

Are you ready to set up our custom AI chatbot? Get in touch with our expert right now!

Plans & Pricing


For companies looking to amplify their productivity

Billed annually

• 3 custom chatbots (projects)
• 5000 pages/chatbot
• 30 million words content
• 10000 credits/month
• 3 members in team
• Annual contract

Select Plan


For growing companies requiring advanced integrations support

Billed annually

• 20 custom chatbots (projects)
• 10,000 pages/chatbot
• 200 million words content
• 25000 credits/month
• 25 members in team
• Annual contract
• Customized integrations
Select Plan


For innovative companies needing the utmost in personalization and support

• Custom number of chatbots (projects)
• Content size and queries based on enterprise needs
• Customized features needed by the enterprise
• Customized and dedicated support
• Customized contract

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Product Features

Custom chatbots using ChatGPT-4 technology and business content
Train on business websites, helpdesks, knowledge bases, public web content, etc.
PDF documents
Office documents (Word, PowerPoint), 1400+ document formats
Embed Widgets and Livechat for customer engagement
Customize chatbot logo, colors, background, etc for your brand
API Access
Multi-language support (92+ languages)
Anti-Hallucination, Citations and Sources, Privacy Controls
Index text from Images, Scans and Faxes (OCR Capability)
Custom Enterprise Contracts, GDPR DPA
Remove “Powered by FinvaTech” Branding / White-Labelling
Various integrations services (optional)
Various customization services (optional)
WhatsApp integration
Full Local Deployment with Open Source LLM Models
Storage Location Flexibility

Product Comparison

Functionalities ChatGPT CubeBot Pro CustomGPT Chatbase
Pricing per month Plus Team Business Corporate Standard Premium Standard Unlimited
$75 $625 €100 €250 $89 $449 $99 $399
Max Chatbots Unlimited 3 20 10 100 5 10
Max team members 3* 25* 3 25 3 5
Credits per month Unlimited 10,000 25,000 10,000 40,000 10,000 40,000
API access
IOS and Android App
Full Local Deployment with
Open Source LLM Models
Storage Location Flexibility
*For chatGpt, we put 3 and 25 members to make a real comparison with CubeBot Pro.

Disclaimer: The above-mentioned prices and features can change, and you should refer to their respective websites for the latest information.

Are you interested in checking out how CubeBot Pro works for your business?


CubeBot Pro is a professional service. For corporations and organizations we also provide full customization and integration services, in order to maximize the results. Our company is different because we work to understand your business needs and look for the right solution with you. If you are a company interested in our services, you can contact us at and have a meeting with our representatives.

You can upload the files in your chat bot administrative section.

The supported file formats are pdf, txt, doc, xlsx, CSV and other hundreds of types.

+90 languages are supported. You can type your question in any language, and the chatbot will reply in the same language

Yes, you can integrate the chatbot widget into the website or web application.

Yes, you can integrate the chatbot through the APIs.

CubeBot Pro uses your data to develop a personalized chatbot by ingesting business-specific content, such as website data, help desk information, and documents, to tailor responses to your business’s unique context and needs​​​​.

For Business and Corporate account, you can sign up directly on our website. For enterprise account, you can contact us and we will contact you immediately to have a meeting with you.

The structure likely varies based on the level of customization, usage, and additional features offered. Pricing models in this space often include tiered plans, each with different features and limits​​. The business and corporate plans are offered at a low price per month, with a quoted integration service for the second. The enterprise plan is fully customized, as its pricing.

You can upload various types of content, like PDFs, office documents, directly through the platform’s dashboard. For corporate and enterprise users, we offer a customized integration service with automated jobs to integrate your data into the chatbot environment. It’s possible to integrate also your database data directly to the cloud.

We allow customization of the bot’s appearance and responses to align with your business branding and communication style. This can include changing the bot’s name, logo, and conversational tone​​.

Absolutely! CubeBot Pro will allow the creation of bots using documents in formats such as PDF, Microsoft Office and many other formats.

It was developed to be a user-friendly platform, allowing non-technical users to build bots by simply uploading documents without the need of coding knowledge​​.

You can integrate it into your application by using the APIs. You can find the API documentation on our website

You can train the bot by providing specific content or data, which the bot then uses to learn and provide more accurate, context-specific responses​​.

Unfortunately, we do not provide any free trial. But you can freely try our ChatBot trained on the content of our website to understand if its responses are well done.
If you are a company interested in our services, you can contact us at and have a meeting with our representatives

Yes, in our website, you can freely try the chatbot on our website. If you are a company interested in our services, you can contact us at and have a meeting with our representatives.

It can be embedded on your website to interact with visitors, answer queries, and enhance the user experience.

In the context of CubeBot Pro, this term refers to the use of a specific technology or framework that powers our chatbot, to enhance its capabilities​​.

A custom bot is tailored to specific business needs, with personalized responses based on your business content, while the standard ChatGPT offers more general responses​​.

A custom bot is tailored to specific business requirements and data, providing more relevant and accurate responses compared to a generic AI chatbot, which offers standard, non-customized interactions​​.

CubeBot Pro assists in creating personalized experiences by allowing businesses to input their unique data, knowledge and content, which the bot uses to provide tailored interactions​​​​.

GPT AI chatbots are distinguished by their advanced natural language processing and machine learning capabilities, allowing for more accurate and human-like interactions compared to traditional chatbot technologies​​​​.

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