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Hire Highly Qualified Remote Developers


Your development team in India

Many businesses feel compelled to look for developers to outsource due to the growing scarcity of IT personnel in comparison to the increasing demand. The ability to construct a diversified team with specialized talents, cost-effectiveness, flexibility in working hours, and access to a worldwide talent pool are just a few benefits of hiring remote developers for website development. In web development projects, it encourages scalability, creativity, and efficiency. Finva Tech provides remote resources to integrate into current teams in addition to full outsourced software development services to satisfy these needs.

Finva Tech offers highly qualified Indian personnel who are exclusively based at our Bangalore office on Brigade Road and are supervised by our Swiss and European Management.


Each developer is a software engineer with at least 5-8 years of experience. Each developer works in a team of people with similar experience / knowledge.


The speed of finding resources is our competitive advantage.

Why recruit developers in India?

Here are the advantages offered by the local context:

The local availability of talent

India boasts a vast pool of highly skilled developers committed to delivering exceptional quality, making it a significant hub for talent in the technology sector.

Jet lag

India is ahead in time zone than countries like USA, UK, Europe. So it is compatible with the time zone of the latter.

Low cost development

In India we can deploy proficient experienced developers at very competitive rates


In India we have the flexibility to assign people on full time / contracts based on requirements of client’s projects.

English-speaking developers

In India, English is a widely used language. Hence, the programmers here have better communication skills.


India's diverse developer community, with diverse skills and expertise, has fueled innovation and creativity, making it a hub for technological advancement.

Why choose Finva Tech as your IT developer supplier?

Finva Tech offers these advantages over international competition:

Favorable local context

Finva Tech has its operational offices in the heart of Bangalore, a unique context of its kind worldwide for the availability of high-level human resources specialized in the IT sector.

Safety, reliability, Swiss guarantee

Finva Tech is directed by a Swiss and European management with great experience in the IT sector. It is part of a group with 25 years of history and high-level references (international stock exchanges, primary international banks).

Full control

Finva Tech promotes transparency, therefore we offer our clients complete control of the team. The team is coordinated and constantly monitored by the Swiss management thanks to strict traceability procedures.

Best practices

Finva Tech developers believe in executing best practices like testing and multiple agile methodologies.

High team strength

The average experience of our developers is >5 years and we have a large team for each technology.

Top rating

90% of our customers rated us 4 and above out of 5 for our service and solution.

Offer services worldwide

Finva Tech offers its services to the various regions across the world such as USA, Australia, Europe, Middle East, Africa.

Customer centric services

Finva Tech believes in customer satisfaction; therefore we provide tailor-made solutions as per the needs of our clients.

Recruitment process

Obligation to collect
First, one of our experienced consultants discusses your project requirements and understands your needs. After evaluating your needs, we'll make judgmental suggestions on the number of resources, the type of experience you need, and for how long. Along with this, we also offer you cost estimation to hire dedicated development team developers to ensure your project is completed within the stipulated timeline.
Selection of candidates
By assessing your needs and your project requirements, we select the most suitable developers and enable you to hire dedicated offshore developers from our pool of specialists. We then review their resumes, filter them and send you the right ones. As a result, this process helps you save valuable time and effort in hiring. It also helps you hire dedicated programmers with experience in similar projects.
Resume screening and interview
After resume screening and selection, based on your feedback, we schedule the candidate interview with you at your convenience. Once we have found a suitable developer for your project, we start the following process. If you want to try more options, we iterate the same process from step ONE to provide you with the hire developers or development team for your project.
Conditions and Contracts
Preparing a contract is a difficult procedure, but our process here is pretty simple. We guide clients to get a clear idea of ​​our terms and conditions by maintaining high transparency. After signing the contract, we make a mutual agreement and sign NDA as part of the confidentiality. This ensures the safety and security of your data and ideas. Thus, all rights to the ideas and source code remain with you.
Start the process
After this integral procedure is completed in a faster mode, the work begins. You have now successfully hired Indian developers and are officially ready to start your project. As a procedure, we also use a dedicated project manager as a single point of contact (SPOC) to facilitate communication and updating. At this stage, we connect you with the project manager so that they start communicating your needs and you get started.


“Remote developers” are skilled software professionals who work on your projects from a location outside of your office. At Finva Tech, your hired remote developers are always working from our Bengaluru office, and they will deliver your projects on time.

If you have specific projects or require expertise, our company offers dedicated developers based on the requirements, and our developers will complete the work from our Bengaluru office on your project.

Remote developer hiring provides several key benefits. These include access to global talent, cost-effectiveness, increased productivity, flexibility, and scalability.

At Finva Tech, you can monitor the development process easily and schedule meetings with our development teams based on your requirements during working hours. Furthermore, we offer a broad selection of professionals with expertise in various domains and technologies. This will ensure an extensive and high-quality development process for you.

Yes. We will provide remote developers based on your requirements, whether on a short-term or project basis.

Yes, based on your requirements, you can scale up or down the number of remote developers based on the signed contract.

Our team of developers is specialized in diverse platforms and advanced technologies, spanning Python, .NET, Angular, Android, iOS, Flutter, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Services, Database (Relational &Non-relational), and many more. Contact us at conatct@finvatech.com for more details on our services and to hire a skilled remote developer for your needs.

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