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Custom Software Development


We offer a wide range of IT services

Finva Tech offers international companies the following digital innovation services:

1. Custom Software Development

Our expertise in custom business software development allows us to deliver bespoke solutions, designed to meet the specific needs of your organisation. Through careful analysis and close collaboration, we create systems that improve operational efficiency and support strategic objectives.

Technology we work on:




React Native









Virtual Reality


Appcelerator Titanium

Augmented Reality

The process we follow:

1.Collection of Requirements

We follow the top and most basic priority of collecting requirements, resources and data to start our project.

2.UI/UX design

We create attractive and alluring designs with the latest design tools to ensure an excellent user experience.


After the design stage, you will get your prototype, which will then be sent for the product development process.


Processing of mobile/web/blockchain applications started using the most up-to-date tools and technologies, with complete transparency.

5.Quality Assurance

Finva Tech cares about quality and guarantees a 100% error-free application, without any concessions.


After testing and following all processes, your app is ready to be launched on App Store or Play Store..

7.Support and Maintenance

Our company, Finva Tech, offers you complete assistance, and the team is always available to answer any questions after implementation.

2. Mobile App Development

We offer app development services for Android and iOS mobile devices, designed to meet the needs of the corporate market. Using the most advanced technologies, we create mobile applications that integrate business processes, improve accessibility and provide a high quality user experience.

We bring mobile apps to life

Our developers are experts in creating mobile apps that meet the needs of the market, strengthen the image of companies and foster business growth and expansion.

Using an active approach and a flexible process, we make sure your time and money are put to the best use at every stage of app development. Our solutions go beyond your expectations.



React Native







Mobile app development services

Consultation before implementation

We study your business situation and evaluate the realistic earnings that the mobile app can generate. We do market research, propose solutions and talk about them with you.

Mobile app design

Our app design is based on global UX trends, to get the maximum functionality and utility of the product.

Mobile app architecture

After defining an action plan, we create an architecture for the mobile app that allows for a flexible, easy to maintain and error-free design.

Mobile app development

We use the latest development technologies, including building mobile apps for different platforms, so your app works on all operating systems.

Support and maintenance

Our app design is based on global UX trends, to get the maximum functionality and utility of the product.

3. Legacy Software Modernization

The maintenance and modernization of legacy software systems are essential to ensure that technology infrastructures remain aligned with current standards. Our experience in this field allows us to evaluate, plan and implement solutions that renew existing systems, preserving investments and preparing the organization for future challenges.

The strengths of our service:
  • The people: the developers in Finva Tech are ultra-selected engineers with great competence and constantly motivated by our HR Managers
  • Swiss and European management with consolidated experience in the IT sector
  • Safety, reliability, Swiss guarantee
  • Vast availability of world-class IT resources operating exclusively in our Bangalore office under strict security and compliance rules
The solutions we offer include:
  • The management of legacy software systems
  • Migrating monolithic systems to the cloud
  • The restructuring of components of a legacy system that need to be updated
  • The creation of an infrastructure suitable for the development of contemporary applications, both mobile and web.

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