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Leverage our state-of-the-art custom AI services, automate processes, and strengthen business intelligence. We analyze your needs and find the right solution for you.

AI Development Services

Finva Tech helps organizations to advance their technology stack by leveraging artificial intelligence‘s (AI) revolutionary power.

Our goal is to develop innovative solutions by leveraging AI’s dynamic capabilities for intelligent automation, predictive analytics, and customized machine learning models. With a streamlined approach to design and development, Finva Tech empowers businesses to grab market opportunities swiftly, ensuring a competitive edge.

We can help you to integrate AI technologies into your product line, unlocking efficiency, insights, and growth for your organization.

Our Expertise In The Field Of AI

Developing original AI solutions that meet your particular business needs is our area of expertise. We are fluent in several AI fields. 

Machine Learning

Predictive Analytics

Our Predictive Analytics harness historical data to forecast future trends and behaviors, offering invaluable insights for businesses in planning and strategy.

Custom Machine Learning Models

We develop Custom Machine Learning Models tailored to specific business needs, ensuring that each solution is perfectly aligned with our clients' unique challenges and objectives.

Generative AI

Chatbots (using generative language models)

Our Chatbots, powered by advanced generative language models, provide lifelike conversational experiences, revolutionizing customer service and engagement.

Content Generation

Our chatbots can offer Content Generation for creating original, AI-generated content, ranging from written articles to artistic images and music compositions.

Data Synthesis for Training Models:

Our Data Synthesis algorithm generates high-quality synthetic data, crucial for training machine learning models, especially in scenarios where real data is limited or sensitive.

Creative Design

Leveraging AI, our Creative Design chatbot assists in producing innovative designs for advertising and product development, blending creativity with data-driven insights.

Language Model Development

We specialize in developing state-of-the-art language models like GPT-3 and GPT-4, which have a wide range of applications, from automated text generation to complex problem-solving.

Natural Language Programming (NLP)

Text Analysis

A Text Analysis application delves into vast quantities of textual data, extracting pivotal insights and trends. This service is crucial for businesses looking to harness the power of unstructured data for strategic decision-making.

Sentiment Analysis

We specialize in Sentiment Analysis, a technique that interprets and categorizes emotions in text. This is particularly valuable for gauging customer sentiment, market research, and social media monitoring.

Language Translation

Our Language Translation applications break language barriers, offering accurate translations across various languages. This functionality is essential for global businesses and content creators aiming to reach a broader audience.

Speech Recognition

Our Speech Recognition technology accurately converts spoken language into text, enabling voice-activated controls and efficient transcription services. This is a game-changer for accessibility and hands-free applications.

Computer Vision

Image Recognition

We build sophisticated Image Recognition algorithms that can identify and classify various elements in images, from faces to landscapes, enhancing security systems, and enriching user experiences.

Object Detection

Our Object Detection algorithm is designed to pinpoint and classify objects within images. This technology is vital in fields ranging from security surveillance to autonomous vehicles.

Image Classification

We provide Image Classification algorithms that categorize and tag images based on their content, streamlining processes in digital asset management and online retail.

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Start Your New Business Paradigm with Our AI Development Services

We are an innovative company developing artificial intelligence: our services are tailored to meet your business needs. These are our AI services that will help you fulfill your goals.

AI Consulting Services

Sometimes it can be complex to find the right AI solutions for your business. Our AI specialists are available to assist you. We will analyse your requirements, recognize possibilities, and select the perfect AI solution for your business needs.

AI-Powered Custom Software Development

We combine AI technologies to create engaging and intelligent software applications that are suited to your specific requirements. Our team leverages advanced algorithms and machine learning to craft innovative solutions that optimize efficiency and elevate user experiences.

AI-Powered Mobile App Development

Artificial intelligence can be used to create more intelligent, user-friendly, and customizable mobile applications. With the help of AI, we are making your apps stand out in today’s dynamic and competitive market. Elevate your mobile app development with our AI-powered solutions

Data Science and Analytics Services

Upgrade your business with our Data Science and Analytics Services. We are experts at extracting insightful information from intricate datasets so you can make wise decisions. Our team of skilled data scientists utilizes advanced statistical techniques, machine learning algorithms, and predictive modeling to extract actionable intelligence.

Integrating AI models

Businesses need to successfully integrate AI if they want to increase productivity and stay ahead of the digital curve. We excel at seamlessly integrating AI models into your existing systems.

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Our Process for Artificial Intelligence Development

We provide extremely fulfilling AI development services by adhering to a fully  Agile development methodology.

Data Collection
Data collection is the initial stage in the AI development process. Obtaining the data required to train and improve an artificial intelligence model is part of this process. In this phase, we will start collecting data and arranging it. For collecting data, we use various techniques depending on the source and nature of the data. Those are web scraping, APIs, file formats, databases, IoT devices and sensors.
Data Preparation
The data preparation phase involves organizing, cleaning, and transforming raw data into a format suitable for training and evaluating machine learning models. To create reliable and powerful AI models, a well-prepared dataset is necessary. In this phase, we follow these steps and techniques: data cleaning, data transformation, data splitting, dealing with imbalanced data, handling outliers, data integration, and documentation.
Model Selection
In this phase, our experts choose the most suitable algorithm or architecture for the specific task or problem. The selected model impacts the system’s performance, efficiency, and ability to generalize to diverse datasets. During model selection, we follow a few steps and considerations: understand the problem, explore and preprocess the data, split the data, choose evaluation metrics, select baseline models, experiment with different algorithms, perform hyperparameter tuning, cross-validation, ensemble methods, evaluate and compare models.
Model Training
Model training is the process of presenting labeled data to the chosen algorithm, enabling it to discern patterns and relationships. For example, if it’s a machine learning problem the regression and classification we are training and testing the data based on the problems. We can take 80% of the data for the training part and 20% for testing part of the prediction.
Model Deployment & Monitoring
Model deployment phase, our experts integrate the trained model into a production environment for practical application. During model deployment, we follow a few steps: choose a deployment environment, containerization, web APIs or microservices, model versioning, scalability, and security. Monitoring phase, our team is closely tracking the performance of models to ensure the desired outcome. Throughout this monitoring process, we adhere to several key steps: define key performance indicators (KPIs), logging, error tracking, performance monitoring, data drift monitoring, model retraining, ethical considerations, compliance, documentation, feedback loop, disaster recovery, and rollback.

Benefits of AI Software Development

Personalized Experiences

Artificial Intelligence makes it feasible to personalize services, recommendations, and content by checking user behaviour and preferences. This leads to more tailored and relevant experiences for clients, increasing user satisfaction.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Artificial Intelligence can assist in decreasing time and cost efficiency. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) to automate tasks in customer support, content creation, and data analysis increases project efficiency as overall.

Enhanced Decision-Making

Data-driven decision-making may provide every company a major edge in a highly competitive industry. Now AI can help decision-makers in making accurate decisions, whether it’s in business strategy, marketing campaigns, or product development.

Improved Productivity

By automating tedious and repetitive processes, AI frees up human resources for more intricate and innovative work. This boosts overall productivity and innovation within the organization.

Competitive Advantage

Automation of tasks and processes enables businesses to save time and react to changes in the market more quickly. Business adopting AI early on can gain a competitive edge in their respective industries.

Efficient Customer Support

AI-powered chatbots or virtual assistants can provide personalized support to customers regarding their common queries and guiding users through processes. This improves customer satisfaction and reduces response times.

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Our strengths

Innovative Approach: We focus on forward-thinking and innovative approaches to stay ahead of industry trends.
Pioneering Technology: We use the most advanced tools and frameworks to develop AI solutions.
Expert Team: Our team consists highly skilled members with extensive knowledge in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and related areas.
Agile Implementation: To deliver superior AI development services, we adhere to a comprehensive agile development methodology.
Customer Service Excellence: We offer personalized support throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Our Projects: FinVA

FinVA is a regulated and advanced Financial Virtual Assistant, designed to meet the stringent control requirements in specialized sectors such as KYC (Know Your Customer), AML (Anti-Money Laundering), and Risk Management, pertinent to banks and independent financial managers.

While offering standard functionalities typical of software in this domain, FinVA distinguishes itself through an innovative methodology. It integrates a virtual assistant to streamline and expedite business processes, thereby enhancing operational efficiency in these critical areas.

Create a Rich Experience with Generative AI!

Navigating the Frontier of AI Innovation:
At Finva Tech, we pride ourselves on our deep-seated expertise and rich experience in a broad spectrum of cutting-edge AI generative models. Our journey through the realm of artificial intelligence is marked by continuous exploration, learning, and mastery of the most advanced tools and frameworks. Our expertise encompasses a wide spectrum of prominent AI models including BERT, Claude, Cohere, Ernie, Falcon 40B, Galactica, GPT-3, GPT-3.5, GPT-4, Lamda, Llama 2, Orca, Palm, Phi-1, StableLM, and Vicuna 33B, representing the forefront of natural language processing and influencing the architecture of future AI systems.
Empowering Innovation with AI Expertise:
Our diverse experience with these AI models is more than just a testament to our technical prowess; it represents our unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of AI development. We don’t just use these models; we innovate with them, creating bespoke solutions that drive efficiency, creativity, and growth. Partner with Finva Tech, and leverage our rich AI experience to transform your business landscape.

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Leveraging AI in your business enhances customer experiences, reduces time and cost inefficiencies, aids in decision-making, boosts productivity, provides a competitive advantage, and offers efficient customer support, collectively improving overall operational performance.

Yes! Customizing AI solutions to meet specific client requirements is our expertise. Our team of skilled developers ensures timely delivery of tailored AI solutions for businesses, guaranteeing accuracy and effectiveness in every project.

Yes. Our AI development services include the seamless integration of solutions with your existing systems, ensuring a streamlined and efficient end solution.

We specialize in offering end-to-end AI solutions, irrespective of any industry or geography, thereby enabling our presence across the globe.

Our team is committed to ongoing learning and professional development, driven by a passion for staying on top of the latest advancements and technological changes. This dedication ensures that we remain updated on the dynamic landscape of technology.

We are following encryption methods, strict access controls, and secure development practices for data security. Upon contract execution, we establish a mutual agreement and execute a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) as an integral aspect of ensuring confidentiality. Additionally, we won’t provide any subcontracting; it ensures your data security.

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