Ensuring Complete Security and Privacy: Our Top Priority and Commitment

CubeBot Pro stores all your data securely in the cloud

How can the CubeBot Pro provide security for your data? 

Prioritizing Safety and Confidentiality

At the heart of our operations, we place the utmost importance on the safety and confidentiality of your information. Your data is secured through complete encryption, and we ensure no files are stored permanently. All files are stored in the MS Azure cloud, and enterprise clients may also choose to store their files in their repositories.

Encryption Standards

Data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. We employ SSL encryption when data is being transferred and adhere to the industry-standard 256-bit AES encryption when data is stored.

Independent Bot Operations

Our bots operate in a self-sufficient manner, ensuring there is no exchange of data between them, even within the same user account.

Privacy-Centric Approach

Your files are not permanently stored by us unless you opt for it in your responses. By default, the chatbot is configured for user privacy, accessible only to approved users.

Anonymity Assurance

Data and logs are structured in a way that makes tracing back to an individual user impossible.

Trustworthy Service Providers

We follow best practices from reputable service providers like MS Azure and Stripe.


Certainly. CubeBot Pro is built by following robust privacy principles, guaranteeing that any information you upload to a bot stays confined within that specific bot’s environment. This data is not shared with other bots, including those within the same account.

It’s also crucial to understand that we do use the LLMs as chatGpt as the final step, so the documents are not stored in any case on Open AI servers or similar repositories offered by other LLM providers.

Absolutely not! All the data are not used for any training purposes and are segregated on chatbot level.

Absolutely not! All the data are segregated at chatbot level and will not be used from anyone or any batch process.

For sure, every project is isolated from the others, and every chatbot has its documents segregated.

Yes, you can opt-in for this option to ensure that all the files that you upload will not be stored even in the chatbot repository.

Cube Finance is a company certified ISO 27001, 27017 and 27018. It uses strict security procedures to ensure the maximum level of security.

The infrastructure used for CubeBot Pro SaaS service is Microsoft Azure, with the data completely stored into the cloud.

We don’t train any LLM model: your data are securely stored only to let your chatbot reply based on your business content.

CubeBot Pro upholds GDPR compliance through established policies that safeguard your privacy and data rights. This compliance is achieved by obtaining user consent for data collection, ensuring the protection of user data, granting users the ability to access or erase their data, informing users about data breaches, and guaranteeing that third-party vendors adhere to GDPR regulations as well.

You can request to our support to download or delete completely your data support@finvatech.com

CubeBot Pro retains your data until you make a decision regarding its use. You have the option to utilize CubeBot Pro’s features to promptly delete your documents post-processing. However, if you opt to retain the documents to leverage functionalities such as citations and links, they will remain with CubeBot Pro until you decide to delete them.

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